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Elixe - Paint distribution
Elixe - Coated sample of pipe


Paint is applied using our patented airless microturbine designed and realized with the collaboration of MPR.

Its compact dimensions (diameter 19-30-45 mm) are perfect for application in narrow passages like seawater pipes, oil tubing, gas vessels, and many others.
Based on the specific application, the diffusing bells have profiles that spread the painting evenly.

A control interface defines the operating parameters according to the paint’s characteristics and the surface’s geometry.

Coating specifications are defined in our chemical laboratory and with the partnership of universities.

Avantages of our coating process

Fully automated

We take care of all industrial processes from the manipulation to the curing.


All-in-one solution; no ovens for curing, fast process and on/off technology.

Vocs free

Our formulation is solid, avoiding VOCs for a better environment and safer workplace.

enviromental care

Coating your steel gives better durability and life, avoiding spilling problems.

Coating Application unit

The team designs and realizes automated units for handling and coating pipes and vessels.
An evenly-applied film of the correct thickness is obtained by remote control of spray turbine speed and paint flowrate parameters.

Our coatings are applied on the inner and outer metal surface of




Gas Tanks


Heat Exchangers


SCUBA tanks


CIPP - cured in place pipe